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  • Horse Insurance

    Aug 18

    Horse Insurance

  • Insurance for Animals

    Sep 11

    With the purchase of a new vehicle, blasting in or just then, if the previous insurer raises its prices - the price comparison of the car insurance is always worth it, if you as a car owner wants to benefit from favourable discounts. With regard to the di

  • Courier Insurance

    Sep 18

    To have a good courier insurance is very important while delivering expensive items like furniture, home appliances, mobiles and many other things. Loss, damage or break down and theft of these items can cause the company a heavy loss.

  • Temporary Van insurance

    Sep 25

    A regular insurance policy of the client might not cover him being named the driver of the van when he is driving a hired or borrowed van, for this purpose the client can take up temporary van insurance policy and become the named driver of the van.

  • Light Therapy For Animals

    Oct 01

    Like human beings, dogs and cats are sensitive to light. The arrival of the autonomous and the winter, period or the light daily is less intense, the animals can feel the stress, be in a state of drowsiness or even worse feel a state of depression. The li